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Pixel Buds A Review: Google's first earbuds in India, live up to expectations or fail?

Google Pixel Buds A: These are the first earbuds of the company to be launched in India by Google. Do the premium segment earbuds live up to the company's claims?

Google may not have launched its latest Pixel smartphones in India, but the company has recently launched its earbuds in India. Pixel Buds A are the earbuds of the company's budget segment. Their price in India is about 10 thousand rupees. 

In this review of Pixel Buds A, we will know how these earbuds perform and how they will be for you if you buy them. 

The design of Pixel Buds A is different than other average earbuds available in the market. The case provided with the earbuds is egg shaped and a pairing button has been given at the back. 

In India, the company has launched the white variant only, so obviously I have reviewed this variant. The look and feel of the case is premium, but it can gradually get scratched. 

Talking about the earbuds, they are lightweight and fit easily in the ears. The earbuds feel quite comfortable in the ears.

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